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User Guide

It can be hard getting used to new things, but this guide will get you up and running in no time. Head over to our help page afterwards, if you have any questions.

Prerequisite Knowledge

There are various differences between ESL in the ROK games and other popular PowerPoint games.


  • you don't need to download anything
    • no more USB sticks, all you need is an internet browser
  • suggested instructions for both students and teachers are given
    • student instructions are split, so they may be shown, read and understood together
  • you can adjust certain game settings to either increase or decrease their difficulty
  • a beautiful UI to choose or create lessons and edit your lesson's data in
  • user account to save your data/settings, so you can seamlessly transfer between classrooms and get set up quickly
  • over 1000 fonts available to use through Google Fonts
  • fonts automatically scale themselves to fit their container, so you don't need to adjust font sizes anymore
  • you can switch the font being used at any point
  • automatic data rotation in games
    • we go through all your data before shuffling it, so you don't see the same vocabulary or expressions over and over


  • you don't have complete editable control of the games
    • in most cases, teacher's don't make large changes anyways
    • we do try to make the games as customizable as possible

Getting Started

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