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Fix The Mistake

Fix The Mistake

Please Note

  • Before playing a game, you should read both sets of instructions to fully understand it from the teacher and student perspectives.
  • If it’s your first time playing a game, we suggest following the instructions and then afterwards adjust it, as needed, to better suite your students, class needs and teaching style
  • The student instructions are written as simple as possible, so you can read them with your students.

Game Hot Keys/Shortcuts

  • Left-Click (on '... Mistake' Header)
    Shows the next mistake
  • Left-Click (on a page hole)
    Shows the Nth mistake
  • Space/Enter/Left-Click (on 'New ...' Header)
    Refresh the game and get next vocabulary/expression
  • Left-Arrow/Scroll Down
    Refresh the game and use vocabulary
  • Right-Arrow/Scroll Up
    Refresh the game and use expressions
  • 1-9
    Change the maximum number of mistakes (default: 1)
  • a
    Change where mistakes happen; anywhere (default)
  • s
    Change where mistakes happen; start of the word
  • m
    Change where mistakes happen; middle of the word
  • e
    Change where mistakes happen; end of the word